In 2013, 637 people in Portugal did not make it home; many more came home with life-changing, serious injuries. Despite this 11% decrease since 2012, Portugal has one of the highest road fatality rates in the EU.

Our aim at Skill Driving is to help companies and drivers reduce this figure year on year.  Every fatal or serious crash on our roads is a tragedy. At Skill Driving we feel it is everyones moral obligation and shared responsibility to take road safety seriously.

Our Driver Training Programme is used by companies to provide their drivers with the advanced skills and driver awareness they need to anticipate risk, drive safely and help play their part in reducing road traffic accidents. Helping to reduce risks to themselves and other road users.  Every one of our highly qualified driving instructors has undergone over 2000 hours of intensive training and they all hold formal accreditations.

Within our driver training programme, our Emergency Vehicle Training stands out.

Every emergency vehicle driver we train undergoes comprehensive tuition, including the advanced skills they need to transport personnel, technical resources and their vehicle to an incident safely. Helping them get to those in need as quickly and safely as possible.

Emergency vehicle drivers carry added responsibility everyday. Their job, to reach an incident as quickly and safely as possible. Our Emergency Vehicle Training accesses each drivers behavioural and mental skills, and provides them with perfected driving technique. Helping them in turn minimise the danger to other road users.

The main training given by Skill Driving was to INEM and REN.

Portugal has one of the highest road fatality rates in the EU